Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's the best way to cleanly divide header strips?

This didn't work

The guy in my local electronics shop recommended that I just press in the notch with a knife. I tried it but wasn't able to snap them this way.

How do you break header strips apart cleanly?

So I used a chisel and hammer. Which snapped them in the correct place, but a few times the casing to one of the sides of the break was damaged, sometimes losing a pin.

So what's a reliable way to cleanly break header strips like this into the lengths that you need?

Two wires into one via

Meanwhile, at Owen's suggestion I'm twisting wires together like this as a way of attaching two of them to a single via hole in the button pad PCBs (one wire is a jumper connecting the PCB to another one, the second wire leads to one of the shift registers or the max LED driver chip).


Evil Paul said...

I've had good results using side cutters.

Admin said...

Thanks. I had tried diagonal cutters (the same thing i guess?) before, but also managed to damage the pin casings.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I usually do it with my hands... Index and thumb where I want to split, hold it firmly...

Maybe thats a little brute force though!

However, when I needed to separate individual headers, I used a wire cutter which worked pretty well.


Anonymous said...

How about using a hot knife from digikey. Looks like an exacto knife with a soldering iron handle attached. Somewhat expensive, but it might do a better job.