Friday, June 20, 2008

Monome/arduino code online

A new section has been added to the bricktable blog which is designed to document the construction of a single colour, sparkfun+arduino monome clone, just like the one I'm building. So far there's not much information there, but they have published the arduino code for their project, which is very useful.

Since this code takes care of a bunch of things I haven't started to implement yet, like serial reading and writing, LED control and button debouncing, It's likely that I'll end up using it, or at least something derived from it.

Another blog to add to my reader.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your interest! sorry it isn't all up there yet, we rushed to get the code available and now were just tripping over our toes trying to get everything else up there... expect instructions, high res photos, video...etc


Admin said...

I'm looking forward to it.

One trivial snag: Since you seem to have the placeholder posts already online, and edit them to include new info, the RSS feed doesn't show a new item when your site gets updated.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... do you know if there is any good way around this? Would I have to delete the entire page then repost it?

Anonymous said...

by the way-- I have been trying to update the site today with Hi-res photos and some other stuff...

Admin said...

Short of creating a new post for each update (and using tags to categories them into section), i don't know of a good way to have the feed update.

The high res images are useful, thanks!

It just occurred to me that a wide depth of field (lots of stuff in focus) is best for this kind of photo, where people want to study it. The best way to achieve this is to use as small an aperture as possible (high number). This will mean that a longer exposure time is necessary, which might mean that you have to put the camera on a tripod or other stable surface. I'm going to give this a try with my next shots, and see if I can get as much in focus as possible.