Monday, June 9, 2008


Because this is the first electronics project I've attempted, I needed to buy some general stuff that wasn't specific to the monome project. For anyone following along here's what (I think) you'll need:

  • Soldering Iron

  • Soldering Iron Holder, with sponge

  • Solderless Breadboard.

  • Solid core hookup wire (bring your Arduino along to the shop to make sure you get wire of a suitable thickness to securely anchor in the Arduino's pin sockets, the first bunch of wire that I bought was too thin)

  • Assorted resistors

  • Assorted capacitors

  • Assorted diodes

  • LEDs for testing (I got ten)

  • Wire clippers

  • Multimeter

I'll add to this list if and when I discover that I needed more general purpose bits and pieces.

Photo: aaronharmon

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rodolphe g. said...

This looks very cool. I can't wait to see what's coming! It sure makes me want to follow your steps.