Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Misc parts

Misc parts
I got hold of a few more parts I needed.

The chip in the blue box is the MAX7219CNG LED driver.

There's a long strip of paired male headers. I'll snap this into four lengths of 16 pins.

The four black plastic things with female sockets are IDC connectors to attach to two ribbon cable lengths. I messed this up with the first one I tried and broke it, this time I'll use a vice to push down the part that cuts the cable. The IDC headers will plug into the paired header pin strips, forming a removable connection from the arduino shield PCB (at least I think I'll use a shield) to the button pad.

The things with pins are IC sockets. I'm using these so that I don't have to solder the chips directly to the PCBs, and can replace them easily if necessary. There are two 16 pin sockets for the shift registers, and one 24 pin socket for the max chip.


Anonymous said...

Made cables for 12 monome clones and wasted a good 4 or 5 connectors before realizing, I should probably go the vice route :)


Admin said...

It's good to know I'm not the only one!

A similiar kind of issue: Perhaps you know of a good way to cleanly divide header strips? (latest post).