Monday, June 9, 2008

What it's all about

Posts on this blog will document the construction of an 8*8, Arduino-powered, Sparkfun button pad using, DIY monome.

Although the Sparkfun buttons are big enough to accommodate RGB LEDs, I'll be using single colour ones to keep things simpler.

My knowledge of electronics is hovering just above absolute beginner level, so I hope this will develop into a useful source of information for other electronics beginners wanting to build a monome controller.


jrepp said...

This is awesome, I'll be following your progress.

Ullrich said...

just to let you know, that i'm at your fingertips.
am going to build me an 128 after i've finished my diploma. so at the end of the year.

good luck :)

rez said...

Hello John!

Congratulations for your exelent work documenting your experience making a Monome clone.

We are two friends from Spain who had make our monome clone and now we want to make a blog in spanish about that.

We are using our own images and texts, but we want to know if you want collaborate sharing some photos from the process with us.

We only need to link some photos from your blog to ours.

You can check our recently opened blog at delacrew dot net slash Arduinome_Or_Die

You can let us know your oppinion writting us an email to delacrew at delacrew dot net.

Of course, we will mention your authoring each time we use some image from your blog.

Indeed, we will understand perfectly if you dont want to share the images, and we still really happy beacuse we found and execelent log about Arduinome.

Keep the good work!

BEst wishes.

Delacrew team and LaSonrisaDivina.