Sunday, June 22, 2008

IDC connectors

I'm waiting around to get some parts (IC sockets, because I don't want to plug the expensive max chip directly into the breadboard for risk of bending it's legs or damaging it some other way) that will allow me to do a full breadboard test.

In the meantime here's an illuminating PDF I found. It describes how the IDC connectors work. This project will use four of them to anchor two ribbon cables to the pcbs.


John Brian said...

Great blog! I'm also in the process of building a DIY monome (or really a half-DIY monome- I'll hopefully be using the "official" buttons) and have found the discussions here very interesting.

I wanted to let you know that if you DO accidentally fry your Max chip, you can actually acquire a new one directly from Maxim as an engineering sample. This does pose a bit of a moral quandary, but it's a guaranteed route. And if it helps, I've had my Max chip breadboard directly on and off without any problems- just make sure you press it down hard enough to seat it properly.

Keep it up!

Admin said...

That's interesting to know, thanks.

I did try to order my first Max chip as a sample, but the Maxim form would not allow it. I got a bewildering message explaining that they did not provide samples to resellers, though nothing I had filled in gave them reason to suppose I would be reselling the chip.