Monday, June 9, 2008

Costs & Parts

Here's a list of the costs I'm making and the parts I'm using. I've included a link to the supplier page where possible. I'll update this list as I order new parts, or if I discover that I didn't end up using bits that I ordered.

Whenever shipping costs are mentioned this refers to shipping the product to the Netherlands.

Arduino Diecimila126.18 EUR
Sparkfun Button Pads422.82 EUR
Sparkfun Button Pad PCBs425.33 EUR
Diode Small Signal - 1N4148706.68 EUR
Shipping of Sparkfun order135 EUR
Yellow LEDs (3mm, 1000 mcd, shipping included)7011.35 EUR
Shift register 74HCT165 (Parallel in/serial out)10.95 EUR
Shift register 74HCT164 (Serial in/parallel out)10.95 EUR
MAX7219CNG+ (LED driver)118.19 EUR
10Kohm, 10 pin, Resistor network10.23
0.1uf Capacitor3
10uf Capacitor1
16 pin IC Socket1
14 pin IC Socket1
24 pin IC Socket11.79 EUR
Arduino Shield PCB (files, 4pcb)122.78 EUR
MachineCollective Enclosure180 EUR

Total ±270 EUR


Technofee ™ said...

i love your blog. i will build an arduinome myself just like you but it's nice to get inspired by others.
thanx from berlin

Technofee ™ said...

why do you have two arduino shields in your part list?

Admin said...

Thanks for spotting that Philipp. It was a mistake, I've removed it.

emirarkman said...

Hi there,

I want to construct my own arduinome, but i couldn't find the "Arduino pcb shield" anywhere online. How can i buy or obtain one? Or do i have to print one for my own using the eagle files you attached? But printing a double sided pcb is hard to do, at least for me, and to fabricate one board is expensive. Any suggestions?

Music Is Math said...

You should ask if some people would like to make an order with you.
Take a look at the arduinome website they already order once to the website

Just ask for the order number #4pcb_Owen at the following email adress

Otherwise if you can't find anyone interested you should probably consider buying a single one.
It will cost you 50€ max.It's not that expensive regarding the bargain that you get for doing your DIY monome.

Music Is Math said...

I'm glad that you published a more detailed explanation about Arduinome DIYing.

I just wanted to notify you that the link for the following component is not working anymore

Yellow LEDs (3mm, 1000 mcd, shipping included) 70 11.35 EUR

I was really loking forward to that information cause i don't know which combination of leds and resistance I should for the button plate.

Anonymous said...

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