Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Soldering the Shield

Arduino Shield
Arduino Shield
Arduino Shield
Arduino Shield

I used blobs of blue-tac to hold the components with short legs in place while i soldered the first legs (choosing legs that were furthest from where the blue-tac was to avoid it heating up too much). Once the components where secured with solder, I removed the blue-tac and soldered the remaining legs.


Dan said...

So far, How much has this project cost you? I'm seriously considering building a monome using the Sparkfun boards myself and was curious of the overall price. I assume it will be cheaper than the 40h Kit. Thanks!

You're blog will be an invaluable resource when I do build my monome

Admin said...

You can find a parts list here:

So far it's cost about 280 EUR in parts.

J.w.M. said...

Good idea with the Bluetac!
Awesome tip, and great documentation.
Thanks for the posts.