Sunday, July 6, 2008


Misc monome stuff
The company I bought the LEDs from graciously sent me 70 replacement pieces after i'd explained to them that the previous batch included two different colours.

Unsoldering the unwanted LEDs was much harder than soldering them in. The sparkfun PCBs are now a battlefield of scorch marks. I added the new lights and they all seem to be working.

I added capacitors to the breadboard (one for each shift register and two for the MAX chip). Now my breadboard monome is almost working when I test it with monomeserial and monometest. I'm using the bricktable arduino code.

Something's going wrong with the button presses though. It's as though the buttons have been rotated ninety degrees anticlockwise relative to the LED positions. I'm hoping that bricktable guys will publish their schamatics soon which will help clear up this oddness.


Anonymous said...

Did you see the post i just posted on on our instructions page and on the monome forum thread?


Admin said...

Yes! I see now that switch wires going to the sparkfun pcbs are wired up quite differently to mine (which start with 0,0 at the bottom left as you look at the button side). Sorry I overlooked this before.

Anonymous said...

no worries.. i can't tell you how many times I soldered and desoldered those connections while figuring out the right away... eventually i traced all the traces back to the shield and the chips themselves-- one things for sure.... my soldering the first 3 times was much cleaner! :)