Friday, September 12, 2008

Button Action

Machinecollective Enclosure: Version 2

The new metal spacers arrived and I put the machinecollectve casing together. The box is looking great and feels sturdy generally. There are two things that i'm still hoping to fix:

1. Some of the buttons are sticking. When they're pressed they sometimes don't pop back up of their own accord.

2. Because the sparkfun buttons extend quite high above the faceplate, they often have some lateral 'wobble' when pressed. I'd like to experiment with using two stacked faceplates to steady this and get a cleaner, 'downwards only' press action.

A sidenote: I'd been putting the enclosure together the hard way all this time! Looking at Xndrs photos i noticed that he builds them from the faceplate down, instead of trying to screw things onto the bottom panel and working upwards. This makes things much easier.


Arguser said...


Hi, i'm from Argentina and i want to make one Arduime like yours.

You do a great job and i bet you have quite knowledge to do a perfect work like that.

I got to say that i dont know anything about electronic but the only way i can get a Monome is building a clone, because of economic exchange (1USD = 3Pesos) and Monome are very expensive.

You are thinking on sell that one? :P

Or would you help me in the process of build my own Arduinome?

Sorry for my Bad english.

Cya, im waiting for answer :)

Admin said...

Thanks. I don't have any plans to sell this unit.

There are plenty of people who can help if you get stuck with specific problems while building your own. The Monome forum is a great place to get help for this kind of thing.

Dan Stork said...

hey man i really dig your blog. I am about to embark on the same journey you just finished.

i hope mine works out as well as yours did!

thanks for some inspiration

Admin said...

Hi Dan, good to see you starting a blog too. The more information out there the better i think.

Dan Stork said...

yeah i know its still a bit blurry out there for beginners(myself included)

could you explain the deal with LEDs and the ?k resistor? if i want to use 4000mcd LEDs what sort of resistor do i need for example?